Technology Giving

As you plan for next tax season, please consider a gift of technology to Christian Brothers School  that can help reduce your Louisiana taxes.


The State of Louisiana will award donors a tax credit of up to 40% for any gift of technology to CBS  (LA Dept of Revenue R.S. 47:37 and 47:287.755 - Credit for Contributions of Tangible Property of a Sophisticated and Technological Nature to Educational Institutions).


TAX CREDIT is taken after the tax is calculated, thus directly reducing the amount owed.


The example below compares a $5,000 cash contribution to a $10,000 technology contribution.  With the latter, Christian Brothers School receives double the benefit, while your “out-of-pocket” cost is lowered. 














CBS will gladly provide all forms for tax credit verification.  Contact Michael Prat or Rick Reso in the Development Office at 504-486-6770 for more information.


CBS spends approximately $150,000 a year on technology. Making a technology gift directly supports our operating budget and will be considered an Annual Giving contribution from your family.  The up to 40% TAX CREDIT offers a significant opportunity for both the school and its friends-please consider making a technology gift to Christian Brothers School.


A minimum gift of $2,000 is required to qualify for the state tax credit.  Your technology gift will be counted as your contribution to this year’s Annual Giving.

SMART Flat Panels for the St Anthony Campus

14 Needed for the 2016-17 School Year

We call almost all tissues Kleenex.  Cotton swabs are Q-Tips.  And, in the South, all soft drinks seem to be Coca-Cola.


There's a reason everyone refers to Interactive White Boards (IWBs) as SMART Boards: SMART perfected them.


Everyone gets involved with a new IWB from SMART.  These models are virtually identical to those used at the City Park Campus today.  Just a step up.

Click on Donate to use PayPal or call Martha Sue Smith at Detel directly at (985) 705-4256.


Price: $4,284.00 per SMART Flat Panel

SMART Interactive Tables

8 are Needed at the St Anthony Campus

With forty touch points available, the SMART Interactive Table gives little ones a chance to be interactive, just like their big brothers and sisters.  The SMART Table brings collaboration and interactivity to a whole new level.


Click on Donate to use PayPal or call Martha Sue Smith at Detel directly at (985) 705-4256.


Price: $5,195.00 per table

ASUS Laptops for the PLTW Science Program

60 Laptops are Needed for 2016-17 School Year

In order to run the latest and greatest software for the new Project Lead the Way Science program at CBS, high-powered laptops will be necessary.  The ASUS ROG Laptop is listed near the top of nearly every ranking when it comes to reliabilty, power, and price.


The number given is how many will be needed for both campuses.


Click on Donate to use PayPal or call Martha Sue Smith at Detel directly at (985) 705-4256.

Price: $1,492.90 per laptop

Swivl Your Way to a Flipped Classroom

10 are Needed to Help Those Students with Special Absences

A new concept is introduced.  Your son is absent.  Swivl is the answer.  The new concept can be recorded on the iPad, but how to do it without a student holding the iPad and missing taking the notes?  The Swivl has a wireless microphone and follows the teacher across the class, recording audio and video.  Uploaded by the teacher and the video becomes the absent student's connection and explanation.



Click on the Buy Now button to be taken directly to the Swivl website store.  The Wireless Classroom Swivl is the one requested.


Price: $650.00 per Wireless Classroom Swivl

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