Canal Street Faculty and Staff Email

Administrative Team

Joey Scaffidi - President

Richard Neider - Principal

Sister Ruth Angelette, O.P. - Vice President for Vision/Dominican Mission

Danny McGowan - CFO

Gloria Stumpf - Assistant Principal

Kim Flair - Assistant Principal

Heath Barker - Community, Mission & Ministry

Kristen Dobson - Early Childhood Coordinator

Rachael Prat - Elementary Education Advisor

Doug Joubert - Director of Technology

Michael Barnes - Athletic Director

Nancy Giacone - Campus Ministry

Crystal Morgan - Development

Support Team

Sue Herbert - Office Staff

Joy Marcell - Office Staff

Alicia deMoguel - Office Staff

Gina Roussel - Counselor

Ray Raphael - Athletic Trainer


Ashley Fury - PreK-4

Kristen Dobson - PreK-4

Beth Landry - PreK-4

Melanie Blackwell - Kindergarten

Mae Casey - Kindergarten

Jennifer Vanderbrook - Kindergarten

Melissa Hoffman - 1st Grade

Lori Reuter - 1st Grade

Katie Sticker - 1st Grade

Nancy Giacone - 2nd Grade

Stephanie Pierce - 2nd Grade

Bethany Carrigee - 3rd Grade

Stephanie Vlosich - 3rd Grade

Lauren Gauthier - 4th Grade

Tammy Yrle - 4th Grade

Rachael Prat - PLTW, Elementary School

Heather Dougherty - Middle School English & Lit

Jodi Epp - Middle School English & Lit

Kim Flair - 7th Grade PLTW

Stacie Richardson - 6th Grade

Elizabeth Kuchler - 5th & 6th Grade PLTW, 7th Grade History

Richard Neider - 7th Grade Math

Gloria Stumpf - 7th Grade Religion

Cathy Williams - Middle School Religion

Don Stout - Middle School History

Gregory Fallis - Music

Shannon Denton - Fine Arts

Mike Barnes - Athletics/P.E.

Diane Palmer - Athletics/P.E.

Gabby Constant - Computer Science

Doug Joubert - Computer Science

Marcia Radetich - Spanish

Tammy Hathaway - Aide

Beth Lally - Aide

Ami Pastorek - Aide

Jennifer Kadden - Aide

Maryellen Richert - Aide

Shawn Gruenig - Aide

Jessica Daroca - Aide

Linda Landix - Aide

Jennifer Mumford - Aide

Kim Schaff - Aide

Amanda Licciardi - Aide

Lisa Savage - Aide

Christian Brothers School does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, creed, color, religion, or national origin.

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