Principal's Reflection #1

August 25, 2017

August 18, 2017


Dear Parents:


As we begin the school year, I’d like to take the opportunity to offer some thoughts on what it means to participate in a Christian educational community such as ours at CBS.  First and foremost, the community, with all of its activities and functions, has as its center the person of Jesus Christ and his Gospel message of salvation.  The Christian school does not separate the education of the mind from the education of the soul.  In fact, quite the opposite, the Christian school recognizes that salvation occurs by meeting people in their earthly place and in their flawed human condition and educating their minds so that they can come to know Jesus with an open heart.  The Christian school views the Kingdom of God as alive and thriving in the everyday circumstances of a school day, even in such ordinary events as lunch, recess, and math class. 

Teachers are called to be witnesses to the message of Jesus in their words and actions by first aligning themselves with Christ so that they then may bring Christ to their students.  They do this via prayer, daily reminders, and a heart centered upon their primary goal: the salvation of their students. 


As the primary educators of their sons, parents are called to actively participate in this work, alongside teachers, speaking the same message and providing the same example.  Parents and teachers do not work in isolation from one another but instead work hand-in-hand.  This only makes sense since the goal of each is the same: the salvation of the young men entrusted to them.


Students are called to be open to the ever-flowing love of Christ in their lives and to recognize in the interactions they have with their teachers, parents, and fellow students that Jesus continually unfolds his Kingdom to us in many different ways.  By allowing for this possibility of meeting Christ in the classroom and on the field, they walk at a steady pace toward the goal of eternal salvation.


This is the context within which we live, breathe, and work each day.  This is the environment of the Christian school, and in turn CBS, whether on campus, in the chapel, in the lunchroom, or on the field.  Indeed, the picture of the Christian school is a beautiful thing.  We are blessed to have you as a part of this community—living, breathing, and working with us—as we do God’s work.  I look forward to a rewarding school year for all.  Have a great weekend!  Perhaps we will see you at Drago’s!




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