Final President's Weekly Message of the School Year

May 25, 2020

Dear Parents:

This is it – the last of these weekly emails for the 2019-2020 school year.  In spite of its challenges, I am grateful to have had the opportunity to share this school year with you.  As of now, all instruction and testing is complete.  The pre-kindergarten, kindergarten and first grade students have already received their report cards.  The rest of the student body will follow suit this week.  Kindergarten students enjoyed a drive-through graduation this past Friday afternoon.  Seventh graders who would have graduated this week will be acknowledged on Tuesday (girls) and Wednesday (boys) as will fourth graders (Friday) on the occasion of “stepping up” to middle school.  Then, we will close the curtain on the 2019-2020 school year.

In the absence of the usual award ceremonies, it is my pleasure to acknowledge students who are award recipients for achievement this past school year.  The following students earned the highest averages in their respective homerooms for the 2019-2020 school year.  The Sister Ruth and Brother Amedy award winners are recognized for outstanding scholarship, effort and character in and out of the classroom.


1st Grade

1H: 1st – Tate Self 1R:   1st – Henry Myers 1S: 1st – Shelby Holmes

        2nd – Matthew Schmidt 2nd – Julie Clement 2nd – Lucy Cole Carlin

  3rd – Cristiano Windham 3rd – Rockford Carlin 3rd – Samford Lambert

Sr. Ruth Award

 Jillian McLaughlin Jolie Admire Elsa Grieshaber

Bro. Amedy Award

Reid McMyne Gabriel Cunningham  Owen Ballay

2nd Grade

2C: 1st – Amelia Denton  2G: 1st – Benjamin Womble

2nd – Cooper Foster 2nd – Jeffrey Ballash

3rd – Aubrey Spreen 3rd – Liam Coleman

Sr. Ruth Award      

Emily Scullin Elizabeth Woodruff

Bro. Amedy Award

Sebastian Rucker Gabriel Espinoza

3rd Grade

3R: 1st – Brennan Cook 3V: 1st – Eliza Palmisano 

2nd – Caroline Melius 2nd – Watson Cook

3rd – Beau Kloor 3rd – Jackson Mumford

Sr. Ruth Award    

Caroline Melius   Sydnie Lizano

Bro. Amedy Award

Samuel Lanosga Brandon Burke

4th Grade

4G: 1st – Brennen Crowe 4Y: 1st – Bria Flynn

2nd – Logan Kadden 2nd – Julian Alvarado

3rd – Addison Cardon 3rd – Macie Hebert

Sr. Ruth Award 

Sophia LeBlanc Ruby Spreen

Bro. Amedy Award

Sam Barker Brady Pearson

The Veritas Award winner as the most outstanding fourth grader, in the opinion of the faculty, is Roy Taylor.

5th Grade

5E: 1st – Sadie Cambre 5G: 1st – Charlotte Strassel

2nd – Olivia Ballay 2nd – Gabrielle Locascio

  3rd – Riley Swanson 3rd – Allie Steele

6th Grade

6J: 1st – Josephine Balhoff 6K: 1st – Elizabeth Holden

  2nd – Kalais LaFrance 2nd – Molly Richardson

3rd – Lexi Mason 3rd – Penny Werner

7th Grade

7D: 1st – Casey Swanson 7W: 1st – Annabelle Cheramie

2nd – Brittan deBautte 2nd – Sadie Thieneman

3rd – Marguerite Hopkins 3rd – Lucia Jouandot


5th Grade

5B: 1st – Caleb Hemel 5H: 1st – Matthew Bennett

2nd – John Connolle 2nd – Oliver Steigner

3rd – Brady Crowson 3rd – Mikey Posey

5R: 1st – Logan Leonard 5Z: 1st – Nolan Amato

2nd – Will Britsch 2nd – (tie) Niels Bennett, Blake Couvillon 

3rd – Charlie Smallpage                                                                

6th Grade

6B: 1st – Peyton Bouchon 6C: 1st – Brady Marino

2nd – Jonathan Brockhoff 2nd – Bryce O’Hara

3rd – Will Berry 3rd – Patrick Toso

6F: 1st – Jack Hubbard 6J: 1st – Grant Carroll

2nd – Grayson Gibbons 2nd – Harrison Culotta

3rd – Sam Mann 3rd – (tie) Colt Carter, Cody Martinez

7th Grade

7C: 1st – Sean Gardner 7M: 1st – Brady Brown 

2nd – Grayson Lizano 2nd – Harris Trueting

3rd – Bodi Harris 3rd – Alex Darcey

7P: 1st – Tyler Sciambra 7T: 1st – Andrew Duncan 

2nd – Brady Mullen 2nd – Ethan Lapeze

  3rd – Nathan Flynn  3rd – Jude LaCour

The award winners from grades 1-6 will be recognized at a school Mass when we return in the fall.  The seventh grade award winners will be recognized at the graduation ceremonies on August 8.  Congratulations to all winners for a job well done!

Next up, summer camp.  With limited enrollment in at least the first session and with measures in place to mitigate the potential spread of germs, we will open the 2020 summer camp program on June 8.  Camp leaders will be mailing detailed information to participants near the end of this week.  In addition to providing an opportunity for our young people to return to campus in a controlled manner, we are happy to offer parents a break via the summer camp program.  We also look forward to learning valuable lessons about operating under new protocols so that our return to school in August is efficient.

As we look toward the start of the 2020-2021 school year, we know our roles as educators will change.  We will be called to carry out many new tasks different from those we have undertaken previously in our careers.  For one, we know that the students we meet in August will not be the same children who left us in March.  We will be keenly aware of the fact that their academic needs will be greater than the typical new student.  We will also be attentive to their emotional needs knowing that a number of them will struggle to return to the classroom setting.  Furthermore, we will all become part-time custodians cleaning and disinfecting classrooms throughout the school day.  Teachers will assist health professionals with morning screenings as employees and students arrive on campus.  We will teach students religion, math, science, English, etc. and now proper hand-washing hygiene.  Lastly, we will face the immense challenge of helping children learn how to interact with one another while at the same time minimizing their opportunities for co-mingling.  Hence, the principals of each campus have informed their respective teachers of the need for additional planning over the summer months. 

Besides planning for what we do know, we will also need to plan for what we don’t know.  Namely, we must anticipate phase-shifting in the event that government officials move us back and forth among the re-opening phases after we return in August.  Personally (and this is just my opinion), I think that political leaders will have a hard time moving society back to a phase one or declaring another stay-at-home order given the likely push-back that might be associated with any such declaration.  Nevertheless, we need to be ready.  If we end up having to default to at-home learning at any point in 2020-2021, we expect it to be a better experience than that of the last quarter of this school year.  Although I am very proud of the job we did this last quarter, the lessons learned and the additional research on distance learning will enable us to create an even better at-home experience for the students (hopefully coupled with less work for parents).

The next correspondence from CBS is scheduled for mid-July when you will receive the annual summer mailing detailing the opening of the new school year.  Should you need to reach us over the summer, the office will be open during summer camp hours (weekdays from 9:00-3:00) from June 8 – July 17.  The office will be closed next week from June 1 – 5.  As we break for the summer, please know how grateful I remain for the good fortune that we have at Christian Brothers School with you as our partners in the education of your children.  The unique challenges of this school year required a greater dependence upon that partnership.  I am proud of the exceptional work of our principals, teachers and staff.  I am thankful for the wonderful cooperation from our students and for the understanding and support provided by our parents.  Back in early March I wrote, We got this!  As I write to you in late May, I am gratified looking back knowing that we succeeded.  To those who will not be returning to CBS for the upcoming school year, we wish you all the best and hope that a part of CBS will always remain with you.  To all, thank you for entrusting your beautiful children to our care.  It has been our privilege to work with them and you.  Peace, Blessings and Happy Summer!

Live Jesus In Our Hearts,


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