April 27 Weekly Message

April 27, 2020

Dear Parents:

As April turns into May this week, I look forward to the possibility of our region entering the first phase of re-opening and, ultimately, reuniting our school community.  Meanwhile, the How Ya Doin Hot Dogs event of this past week was a nice way to reconnect with so many of you – even if for just a brief moment from a distance.  The credit for the event belongs to the Men’s Club and their leadership team who came up with the idea (thanks to Ethan Cheramie), did all the planning, cooked all of the hot dogs, served all of you, and covered all of the costs.  Special thanks also goes to the many faculty members who were able to participate and to those of you who were able to visit.  Actually, I think the teachers needed that event as much as the students and you may have.  One thing is certain: everybody misses everybody.  It was good to see ya!

As your partner in education, we share a message with you from our Director of Technology, Mr. Joubert.  With an increase to screen time usage during at-home learning comes the possibility that students may explore apps or visit sites that are inappropriate for young people.  Mr. Joubert has been keeping track of what apps are acceptable and which ones aren't, compiling them into a list of Blacklisted Apps.  In addition, he was able to borrow the 15 Rules of Netiqutte from Touro College.  Both are listed on our website on the At Home Learning Initiative.  You are encouraged to avail yourself of these resources along with many others listed there (including virtual museum tours, online events /activities for kids, and a cool way of inviting virtual animals into your home with Google 3D).

With tuition due at the end of this week, the financial struggle that many are facing is becoming more apparent.  In fact, a few families may even be challenged to honor their remaining financial obligations for the end of this school year.  For those families seeking assistance for 2019-2020 balances, the Office of Catholic Schools has limited funds to assist in covering the end of the year tuition expenses.  To apply for COVID19 Tuition Assistance from the Office of Catholic Schools, complete the application which can be found here.  Again, this assistance is specific to families who have expressed a loss in income or difficulty paying tuition since March 13, 2020. All completed applications must include a detailed description of the applicant's financial situation, supporting documents, and signatures of the school’s president, principal or finance director.  Christian Brothers is required to submit all applications received from our school families to the Office of Catholic Schools by Friday, May 15.  Therefore, the deadline to submit an application to us is Thursday, May 14.  The Office of Catholic Schools will process the applications.  Schools and applicants will be notified of awards by May 31.  

Please be reminded that all tuition accounts for the 2020-2021 school year are to be in good standing by this Friday, May 1.  Payment options include: paid in full by check mailed to either campus, financed through First Bank and Trust via the bank’s website, paid by credit card through First Bank and Trust via the bank’s website.  A link to the bank’s website can be accessed through our school’s website.  If none of these payment options will work for your family, please reach out to me immediately.  If your child will not be returning to CBS for the 2020-2021 school year, please notify me immediately.  Of course, I hope this is not the case.  But accurate enrollment information will help with management of the waiting pool and with efficient planning and preparation for the start of the new school year.  Your cooperation regarding the tuition obligation is appreciated, especially during this odd time.

Since May is right around the corner, school leaders are engaged in initial conversation about a plan for the exchange of supplies between the school and the students.  We are considering a schedule that will call for students to report to campus at a given time to return materials belonging to the school and collect personal items from the classroom.  That schedule and the conditions for the exchange will be guided by the social distancing limits which are in effect for the latter part of May.  Perhaps, we may be able to parlay this visit into something more substantial for the students when they are on campus together for the last time this school year.  But, for now, we just don’t know what we may be able to do.  Thus, more information on this end-of-year event is forthcoming.

The superintendent of Catholic schools has promised more guidance for individual school administrators regarding summer programs during our weekly video conference.  That conference is scheduled for this Wednesday.  So for now, summer day camps and the specialty camps are still on as scheduled.  You can find more information on these camps including registration information on the school website.  Expect an update on summer programs in my next weekly email, if not sooner, depending on information shared by the superintendent this week.

Looking beyond summer and into August, some parents are already asking questions about what the start of next school year will look like.  It is my most sincere hope that the start of the new school year will look the same or as close to the same as the start of previous school years.  Of course, CBS will comply with any social distancing parameters and cleaning requirements which may be in place at that time.  But it is just too early to know anything more specific right now.  What I can tell you is that CBS has always provided an excellent educational experience.  We continue to do so in the face of significant challenges at the end of this school year.  You should expect nothing less from me or my team for the start of the new school year.  No matter what challenges ALL schools may or may not face in August, CBS will provide a quality program holding the best interests of our students as a priority.  Hopefully you know me well enough to know that I will share any information regarding the start of the next school year as soon as I have it.  For the moment, our focus is upon ending the current school year in the best way possible and upon organizing our summer programming.  Thanks for your patience, understanding and confidence related to news about August.

The City Park campus is organizing a virtual talent show and is calling all singers, dancers and comedians.  Middle school boys with any of these or any other extraordinary talent should submit a short video (under 4 minutes) to cityparkvids@cbs-no.org to be included in the first Christian Brothers City Park Campus Virtual Talent Show.  Videos will be compiled and presented via live stream (date to be announced).  Hey boys, looking for something different and more to do at home?  Be a virtual star!  Here is the link to the virtual talent show’s announcement video:  https://youtu.be/2YU1C39g7BU

We have an offer for essential workers who must wear a mask for work each day.  CBS parent, Vladimir Irula, is making “ear savers” which are worn on the back of the head so that masks can fit more comfortably.  When the mask is affixed to the ear saver and adjusted properly, the mask does not press upon the back of the ears.  For more information on the ear savers and to request some free, visit www.iwantroot.com or email info@iwantroot.com.  Thank you for this kind donation and thoughtful offer to fellow parents, Mr. Irula!

Next week is Teacher Appreciation Week.  The Ladies Club has a plan for that week which they will email to you in a separate email today.  Be on the lookout for it.

Finally, I close with a prayer provided to us by the Superior General of the Christian Brothers, Bro. Robert Schieler.

Lord Jesus Christ, in your mercy and compassion look kindly upon us.

Bless our nurses, doctors, researchers and all healthcare personnel with courage and strength

as they continue to care for our sick sisters and brothers.

May your Holy Spirit inspire in all Lasallians a sense of social responsibility

and guide us  to follow the directives of medical experts and governments

so that together we can ensure the wellbeing of all,

especially of those who are poor and have limited or no access to healthcare.

Grant to each of us, Lord, the eyes to see our relatives, neighbors and friends who are alone,

who have lost loved ones or who need a good Samaritan

to do their shopping or assist with other basic needs.

Give us a compassionate heart that moves us to generously respond to those in distress.

Lord Jesus Christ, in your mercy and compassion look kindly

upon all members of the Lasallian Family.

Bless all of us with peace and good health.

May the angels lead those who have died into paradise.  Amen.

Live Jesus In Our Hearts,


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