Lasalle Hall & The Brothers' Residence Renovation


In 1959, the Brothers of the Christian Schools leased the McFadden Mansion from City Park and began the arduous task of renovating the building in order to convert it to a school. They spent over $1,000,000 of their dollars so that they could live and work on the property. Over the last 54 years, the Brothers have given of themselves so that they can provide the boys of this city and region with the best possible education. They have done this at great self-sacrifice, often deferring their own personal living space maintenance in order to provide for the school and its families. It is time now to provide in turn to the Brothers.


In the summer of 2013, the bedrooms and bathrooms of the Brothers’ residence on the second floor of the main building underwent an extensive $125,000 renovation. The Brothers themselves paid for the cost of this renovation. More recently, the common areas of the Brothers residence underwent a similar transformation: a new heating and cooling system, an insulated attic for laundry facilities, a kitchenette for the Brothers who have trouble traveling up and down stairs, and a reading room upgrade to ensure the vitality of their community life. The cost of this renovation is $150,000. The Brothers have asked for your help in making this project a reality.


Some remember it as Bro. Raphael’s room, some Bro. Gregory’s and others Mr. Joubert’s. Lasalle Hall is the space that bridges the history of the MacFadden Mansion with the state-of-the-art Cultural Center and Saint John Baptist de La Salle Courtyard. Our dream is to create a place that honors the rich heritage of the Brothers and students who graduated from CBS and to highlight the accomplishments of our current student body in a seamless, transitional style, mirroring the simple yet rich detail of both buildings.



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