Financial Aid


The Trustees of the Christian Brothers School Corporation Board sponsor a formal financial aid program at Christian Brothers School. In the Lasallian tradition, the Board offers this opportunity to assist families in financial need (for tuition and the building fee). The following guidelines are in place for families applying for financial aid from Christian Brothers School:


1. Interested persons may apply for financial assistance online at Tuition Aid Data Services. To access the TADS online application, visit and click on ‘Financial Aid Assessment’ to begin. If you have questions during the application process, you may reach TADS at 800-477-8237, Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM Central Time. TADS staff are also available through live chat on their website and email at


2. Completed applications (and the necessary financial records called for by the application) must be submitted directly to Tuition Aid Data Services. An on-line application is preferred. However, a paper copy of the application may be downloaded via the TADS website. TADS will accept completed applications through March 5, 2021. LATE APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED (even if they are postmarked before March 5) … NO EXCEPTIONS! Applicants will be assessed a $42 fee (for online application) or a $48 fee (for paper application) payable to TADS and submitted along with the application and supporting documents.


3. TADS will issue a report to Christian Brothers School with recommendations for financial aid awards. The Christian Brothers School Corporation Board of Trustees will review the recommendations and make final decisions regarding any financial awards. A fixed amount of money has been budgeted for financial aid to be shared among qualifying families. Therefore, please do not apply for aid if it is truly not needed.


4. Christian Brothers School will notify applicants of the amount of financial aid (if any) to be offered by April 16, 2021.


5. Tuition and the building fee are due for the 2021-2022 school year by May 1, 2021. This amount may be paid in full or financed through our tuition lender, First Bank and Trust.


6. A NEW APPLICATION FOR FINANCIAL AID MUST BE SUBMITTED EACH SCHOOL YEAR. Families who have received financial aid in the past should not assume that they will automatically receive assistance again this year.


7. Should you have any questions regarding the application process, please contact Joey Scaffidi through the Christian Brothers School office on the City Park campus at 486-6770 (mornings) or on the Canal Street campus (afternoons) at 488-4426.