Extracurriculars for Boys Middle School - Grades 5th through 7th


Christian Brothers School believes that a strong extracurriculuar program supports the classroom learning environment and provides students with opportunity to grow in a variety of areas.  We provide over 20 academic and athletic extracurricular programs that enable boys to


  1. participate in new experiences,

  2. set a goal and a plan for attaining that goal, and

  3. work cooperatively with teammates toward an accomplishment.


We provide students with both competitive, schoolwide team sports and intramural sports.  Below is a list of all activities we may offer:                            

Basketball     (school and intramural)

Baseball         (school)

Wrestling       (school)

Tackle Football (school)

Lacrosse         (school and intramural)

Soccer             (school and intramural)

Flag Football (school and intramural)

Croquet          (intramural)

Volleyball          (school)


Tennis                (school)

Swimming         (school)

Tchoukball        (intramural)

Cross Country  (school)

Golf                     (school)

Academic Games

Chess Club

Quiz Bowl

Math Team

Leadership Training

Art Club

Band                      (marching and concert)

Music Lessons

Lasallian Youth  (service club)

Christian Brothers School does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, creed, color, religion, or national origin.

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