Curriculum for Boys Middle School - Grades 5th through 7th

Your sons into young men.  Young men into Christian gentlemen.



Class of 2018

100% accepted into high school of 1st choice

75% qualified for an advanced course of study in high school

65% qualified for the Duke Talent Identification Program (95 percentile or higher on the ACT Aspire)

Average ACT Aspire score of 83rd percentile on all four subtests


Class of 2014

19 CBS alums named National Merit Semifinalists for 2018 (Annually, CBS has more than any other middle school in the state.)


ACT Aspire Scores: 2016-2018

Reading: 79th percentile

English: 83rd percentile

Math: 75th percentile

Science: 82nd percentile

5th Grade

Format: Self-Contained (for the most part)

6th & 7th Grade

Format: Departmentalized


1 or 2 grade levels advanced with emphasis on grammar (including writing skills)


1 or 2 grade levels advanced through Pre-Algebra / Algebra I


1 or 2 grade levels advanced (taught as an independently graded subject in 5th grade only)


Novels, Technical Reading, with attention to Oral Presentation (including library and reference skills)

Social Studies

5th Grade: United States History (Pre-Civil War) 6th Grade: World Geography / World History 7th Grade: United States History (Pre-Civil War to the Modern Era)


5th Grade: Catholic Doctrine / Bible History / Sacraments / Prayer & Spirituality 6th Grade: Catholic Doctrine / The People of God / Prayer & Spirituality 7th Grade: Catholic Doctrine / Liturgy, Worship, & Creed / Prayer & Spirituality (including campus ministry, retreat, and service programs)


5th Grade: Introduction 6th Grade: 1st Year Spanish 7th Grade: 2nd Year Spanish


Keyboarding Skills, Selected iPad Applications, Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel), Web Page Publishing & Using HTML Language, App Creation, Internet Safety & Digital Citizenship

Physical Education

Team Sports, Fitness, Athletic Skills, Health Education

Music / Art

Introductory Programs and Ukulele Class

Testing / Study Skills

Notetaking, Test Taking, Organizational Skills, Time Management, Standardized Testing


All students are expected to have the prescribed iPad for instruction. The iPad is used as a tool; as such, and like any other tool, it is useful in some instances but not in all instances. CBS is intentional about the manner in which we use the iPad to enhance learning in the classroom. We provide a balance of technological and non-technological instruction in order to provide students with a variety of experiences in preparation for high school and life.

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Co-Curricular Programs

All students participate weekly in the following:

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Music and Art appreciation


Diet, exercise, etc.

Testing/Study Skills

Time Management, Test Preparation, Organizational Skills, Prioritization, Standardized, Test Prep, Healthy Habits of a Successful Person.

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We also offer electives in lieu of recess twice a week in the following:

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Before School Organization


After School Academic Assistance



Learning Landscape


We are soon to break ground on a new Learning Landscape in the front of the Cultural Center.  This area will provide students with curricular, co-curricular, and extracurricular opportunities in the concepts of permaculture, sustainability, rainwater management and irrigation, composting, and social justice through community service.


Learning Labs


Science, Math, Writing, and Reading


We are converting some previously-used storage space into a Makerspace for students to engage in technology, engineering, and math-based creativity.  In addition, we will have resources and personnel devoted to acceleration in writing and reading comprehension available for students throughout the day.